Zeelied Apartements

North Sea


The project involves the construction of a « villa with apartments » in the dunes, on the same level as the sand, with direct access to the beaches and the North Sea and with breath taking views.
The building consists of three high quality apartments with unique volumes, a different layout and structure, showing each an exclusive personality.
The architecture of the project balances between minimalism, sobriety and the pure lines with a certain deconstruction ( typical for Olivier Dwek ) who gives the architecture a cube accent.
A relatively simple design reminds of modernism of the beginning of the XXth century (1920-1930).
The facades are covered with natural stone, whose grey, milky and opaline shades closely match the natural colours, in this way intensifying the purity and strength in dialogue with nature and architecture.
A vivid natural stone, full of fossils, remind us of the dunes and nature.
These shape elements and materials give the building a sculptural, monolithic appearance.
The project opens very strongly to the west and noth-west to the dunes and to the sea, thus creating a strong link between the architecture and nature.
A lot of attention was also paid to the natural light: the most beautiful light for the works of art and for the furniture which artificial light cannot complete with.
The interior architecture was made possible in close cooperation with Obumex.

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