Olivier Dwek : portraitOlivier Dwek, of British origin, was born in Brussels in 1970. An early passion for visual arts led him to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, before entering the Victor Horta Faculty of Architecture at the Free University of Brussels in 1990. As an apprentice at Art & Build, a well-known Brussels firm specialising in large-scale projects, the gifted architect began to receive his first major assignments in 1997. Three years later, Olivier Dwek had set up his own architecture firm, in the heart of the European capital.

Since then he has worked on an extensive range of constructions, from the upmarket, private residential sector to public projects, both at home and abroad. Shunning anything that might resemble a systematic approach, his talent is expressed freely in numerous contexts, whether it is designing prestigious boutiques, such as that of Louis Vuitton, galleries and art centres, refurbishing former factories and creating lofts (one of which was used as the set to launch a new male fragrance by Christian Dior), renovating private townhouses and mansions, or building new, resolutely contemporary, exclusive constructions. Olivier Dwek’s endless, uninhibited creativity has featured in numerous Belgian and international press articles.

In the wake of the modernist and minimalist movements that have marked 20th century architecture, Olivier Dwek’s body of work reflects a rigorous, subtle quest for formal purity, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of an asceptic, cold aesthetic. A virtuoso of volumetrics, an alchemist of light, he shapes interiors that have the aura of a museum and at the same time cultivates a spirit of conviviality, comfort and ergonomic innovation. Fluid, clean lines and perspectives, monumental structures that are mobile or simulate weightlessness, exceptional materials and original textures, contemporary artworks interacting with the space: such are the signatures or hallmarks whose symbiosis results in a timeless, serene, spellbinding elegance.

Olivier Dwek was selected by Daniella Ohad among 10 Interior Design Legends for Miami Design Art Basel 2021.

In parallel with numerous private projects for major European art collections, in Paris, Greece, and elsewhere, Olivier Dwek designed a number of art foundations in Belgium – the C.A.B. Foundation (2012) ,the N.E.S.T. Foundation (2020) , and the New Hope Collection (2020), a treasure trove of 20th century design in Brussels, in dialogue with the Victor Horta Museum.

Olivier Dwek is currently working on the Reiffers Foundation in Paris, to be completed in 2023. He is also currently working on his first furniture designs in collaboration with the Alexander Calder Estate.

He is thrilled to announce his first booth design for L.G.D.R. on the occasion of the first edition of Paris + par Art Basel in October 2022.