Australian House

Zante Island


The subject is the island; the house is the framework. In Greece, people live under the sun. Here we also construct with the sea wind in mind from which the house, hanging on the side of the hill, between sea and mountains, had to be sheltered.
From the first sketches to the final works, the plan was built with the exceptional views in mind. Huge sliding frames open the living spaces toward the outside. From the terraces, the living and dining room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and bathrooms, all life is organized around this fascinating vision accentuated by the architecture to make her yet more theatrical.
The architecture very strongly frames the blue colour of the sea, the white plaster sparkles like sepiolite and offers a chromatic contrast which is evoked by the traditionnal houses of the Cyclades. A reference Olivier Dwek asserts, convinced by the need to also draw inspiration from the vernacular history of architecture to fit rightly into the contemporary era.

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